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Annual Songwriting competition @ Edinburgh Folk Club 01-06-16
The Entrants
Scott Snaddon Emma Martin Ciaran McGhee Carole Prior Paul McCaskill
Corry Fleming Tom Clelland Hugh Hoffman Gary Anderson George Machray
Roy Henderson Duncan McNab David Hume Andrew Leslie Dave Wharton

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The Judges
Murray MacLeod, Jim Welsh, Maggie Holland

Judges' Vote
1st – Tom Clelland / “Wooed Away”
2nd – Dave Wharton / “Ain’t No Easy Road
3rd – George Machray / “Swinging In Dunbar”

Press here to see & hearTom Clelland (Judges' Winner) perform "Wooed Away"

Audience Vote
1st – George Machray / “Swinging In Dunbar”
2nd Equal – Emma Martin /The Laddie Comes Home Carole Prior / A Birl Aboot The Land Of Oats Roy Henderson / The Coca Cola Man 3rd – Tom Clelland / Wooed Away

Press here to see & hear George Machray (Audience Winner) perform "Swinging In Dunbar"

Nancy Nicolson
It was the 40th Anniversary of the first EFC Songwriting Competition !
Nancy Sang the 1976 winning song "Mither Mither" by the late Sheila Douglas

All photographs copyright of Allan McMillan

Press here to see & hear Nancy Nicolson perform “Mither Mither”