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Edinburgh Folk Club 11-06-14
Annual Song Writing Contest
The Entrants
Bob Murray,Ian Duncan,Tina Avery,Malcolm Hughes, Lorna-Jane Gracie,Anne Renshaw,Jim Byrne,
(Hugh Hoffman) & Roy Henderson, Duncan McNab, Joanne Hafford, Andrew Leslie, Pauline Vallance,
Kenny Stein, Gary Anderson, Tony Mitchell, Chris Rogers, James McQueen, Kevin Gore, Tom Clelland,
Trish Santer & (Tom Skelly), Graham Carter, The Forgotten Works, George Machray, Claire White

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The Judges
John Hargreaves, Ralph McGillivray, Rab Noakes

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Judges Vote
1st / Claire White "Betty Mouat's Sang"
2nd / Duncan McNab "Ring On The Homeward Bounders"
3rd / George Machray "Lazy Moon (Over Embra Toun)"
click here to see Betty Mouat's Sang

Audience Vote
1st / Hugh Hoffman (Lyrics) & Roy Henderson (Tune) sung by Roy "National Bards"
2nd Equal / Claire White "Betty Mouat's Sang" & Duncan McNab "Ring On The Homeward Bounders"

All photographs copyright of Allan McMillan
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